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  Tarot Spreads

Wheel of Change Spread

Card 1: Litha - The Summer Solstice. Everything is all bright and blooming. This card represents what in your life is at it’s peak, what is most prominent.

Card 2: Mabon - The Autumn Equinox. When light turns to dark, the celebration of harvest - what in your life are you letting go of? Are there any lessons you need to ‘harvest’ before moving on, or should this just be left behind?

Card 3: Yule. The Winter Solstice. The longest night of the year. What in your life lies dormant or ignored? Should it stay that way, or is now the time to bring more light into this area of your life?

Card 4: Ostara. The Spring Equinox. Light overcoming dark. What is growing in your life? Should you allow this to bloom, or perhaps weed it out?

Card 5: Surrounding energies and advice. The overall balance of your life. Look to what card this one seems to pair with, and perhaps put some extra thought into that.

Bonus step - As it is Mabon, after considering the spread as a whole, set card 2 aside. Shuffle the other cards back in, then shuffle the Mabon card back in separately and thoroughly, while concentrating on the energies surrounding it. Search the deck for the Mabon card, and pull it and the surrounding 2 cards out. The card before it represents what to harvest, what to hang on to. The card behind represents what you can let go of.

 The What the Hell Just Happened to Me and Why Spread:

(This can be tuned to ask a specific entity if you wish, or just
present to your inner self if that is more appropriate for you.)

1. The details of the event that just happened.
2. Your current view or attitude towards the event.
3. The main issue to keep in mind regarding the event.
4. What is my guide trying to communicate in this situation?
5. Why is my guide telling me this?
6. Suggested actions to take due to the event.
7. Expected short term outcome.
8. Final result.

The Sword of Truth Spread

A spread to get to the heart of the matter in a relationship. This spread examines both parties in a relationship, and how their actions contribute to where their relationship is at. Found on Aecletic Tarot (positions slightly modified from original)

Card 1 (center, read solo and as a pair with card 6) - The current situation.

Card 2 (far left, read as a pair with card 3) - How the partner feels about the relationship.

Card 3 (inner left, paired with catd 2) - How the partner acts in the relationship.

Card 4 (far right, paired with card 5) - How the querent feel about the relationship.

Card 5 (inner right, paired with card 4) - How the querent acts in the relationship

Card 6 (bottom, paired with card one) - the root of the situation, what led to the situation.

Card 7 (2nd from top) - Advice

Card 8 (top) - Potential Outcome

"Mixed Signals Spread"

This spread deals with a relationship where your partner is not being totally clear with what they want or need. Perfect for a relationship stuck in between friendship and “something more.”

1. Where do things stand?
2. What caused this?
3. How does my partner see me?
4. What does my partner want/need from me?
5. Will my partner commit to me?
6. What can I do to improve the relationship?
7. What will happen if I chose to do this?
8. What will happen if I chose to move on from the relationship?
9. Final outcome

The “Looking for Love” Spread by ShelbyMelissa

Card 1: Who/what the querent should be looking for.
Card 2: What the querent can do to prepare for the relationship.
Card 3: A possible obstacle that may come up. This card crosses card two.
Card 4: The best possible that can be given to the querent at the time of the reading.

This reading was designed to help with finding the querent’s next relationship. Please credit if you use the spread, and let me know how it goes!

"Which is Right for Me?" Spread
   by ShelbyMelissa

  1. The Choice- These cards represent the choices the querent is deciding between. They can be chosen from the deck before hand or laid out with the other cards.
  2. Why this Choice is Better - These cards go into why this particular choice (a or b) is better than the other one.
  3. How to Execute - This card suggests how to follow through with the choice (a or b).
  4. Outcome - The possible outcome of following card 3 for that choice (a or b).

The “a” path is one of the choices and the follow through. The “b” path is the other choice and the follow through for that one. Most choice spreads go into how to execute, possible blocks, and possible outcomes. What I haven’t seen much of is why one choice is potentially better than the other. This spread can be expanded to include more choices!

Change Direction Spread

This is for when you absolutely CANNOT keep moving in the same direction and you MUST make a choice.

1) self/situation

2) first alternative option.  What changes you can make in this direction

3) positive aspects of this choice

4) negative aspects of this choice

5) second alternative option.  What changes you can make in this direction

6) positive aspects of this choice

7) negative aspects of this choice


The Triforce. This is a three card spread that can be done as a six card spread for additional information.

1. Courage: What is it you need Courage to face? This is the current problem that the reading will focus on

2. Power: What Power do you need to overcome this challenge? This card is what you actually need to do in order to reach an outcome.

3. Wisdom: Where will Wisdom guide you in your quest? This is the potential future outlook on the situation.

Secondary cards:

4. The Hero / Link: The Hero’s journey is always a tough one, but one that can be overcome. Link represents the readee in this reading - what you are doing and what you need to be doing.

5. The Adversary : The greatest challenge and hardship to overcome is the Adversary. What could potentially go wrong, be done wrong, or what is hurting you is described in this card.

6. The Goddess : The Hero never journey’s alone, but instead with allies who guide him. This card represents outside influences that you can or should turn to.

 The Mirror Spread 

Card 1: Your strengths

Card 2: Your weaknesses

Card 3: Where you are coming from (a stage you are currently leaving)

Card 4: Where you are going to (a stage you are currently entering).

Card 5: Who you are/where you are Mentally.

Card 6: Who you are/where you are Spiritually

Card 7: Who you are/where you are Emotionally

Card 8: Who you are/where you are Physically/Materially

Card 9: Your true self, or your calling at this time


7-Card Past Life Tarot/Oracle Spread 


So here is the meanings:

  1. Past Life Symbolism: This represents your past life, it is the symbol of it. Now, that does not mean that it is to be read. If you know of a past life and it tells you of it, it might makes sense to you, but in most cases, it does not* (see littlestcrouton's write-up). It's to be symbolistic, not so much literal.
  2. Past Life Purpose: As expected, this card is to represent the reason that you were born into the life, the lesson(s) that you were meant to learn. 
  3. Past Life Progression: This particular card tells you how you went about your life. It is the overall key to who you were or what you were. (IE) You were rich, you were humble, generous, jealous…etc
  4. Past Life Action: This card represents how you accomplished or went about completing your past life lessons. Specifically, if you did and how, or if you did not and why. Your card should be able to tell you (even if you are orthodox reader) both answers, if not, it will be explained in card 5. 
  5. Unresolved Karmic Lesson: This card is about what you were not able to achieve in this live. This is the card that might be affecting your current or other past lives in succession to the one in the spread. This tells you what went wrong in terms of things that you were not able to learn and is carried onto other lives.
  6. Resolved Karmic Lesson: This card tells the reader what positive and uplifting lessons were learned. This can be a good or bad experience that was learned, but in the long run it made you better or led to a better life. It may also not be the original purpose, but it served a greater purpose in your karmic pattern.
  7. High Karmic Energy: This card symbolizes the good and positive energy or karma that travels with you in your life. It is skills learned that you will carry with you onto other lives that will better the ones after.

Vision Quest Tarot Spread 

Position 1- The spark that starts it.

Position 2- What you should contemplate on first.

Position 3- The action you should take.

Position 4- What you’re ultimately seeking on your vision quest.

Position 5- Who/What will support you.

Position 6- Who/What will challenge you.

Position 7- Where you will discover a hidden strength.

Position 8- The possible outcome of your quest.

Positions 9 and 10- Two things/lessons you will learn through it all.

Your Next Important Relationship Tarot Spread


This tarot spread basically explains what your next important relationship will be and how it will impact you/affect you and what have you. Randomly decided to make it before my next term to see if anyone would pop up!

  1. What is this person like?
  2. How will we meet/Under what circumstances will we meet?
  3. How will I view them in the beginning?
  4. How will they affect my life?
  5. What kind of relationship will we have?
  6. Obstacles
  7. Outcome of relationship
  8. How will this ultimately affect me in the end?
  9. What will I learn?