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 Making Sense of Your Past, Present and Future with Tarot Cards

a spread from Christine Jette’s book entitled Tarot for All Seasons called “Metamorphosis” – a spread she designed for use during your Equinox celebration.

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  the Metamorphosis Spread

Card 1: Health

Describes your general state of health at this time. If the card feels negative to you, it is because it depicts an area of healing that needs attention now.

Card 2: Good Fortune

Points you in the direction of prosperity. What action can you take to bring the energy of good fortune into your life? If a negative card appears, it may describe a block that is preventing you from enjoying abundance.

Card 3: Confidence

The self-esteem card. Shows the areas of your life where you are strong. A reversed card depicts an area of your life that needs attention so your self-esteem can blossom.

Card 4 – Career

Describes your thoughts and feelings about work and how your mind is functioning. A card of movement here describes actions to be taken to improve or strengthen your career.

Card 5 – Relationships

The current state of affairs with regard to your love life. A negative card suggests where you need to focus your efforts to improve relationships and the emotions associated with them.

Card 6 – Metamorphosis

The promise of change. It describes the new you that will emerge from your cocoon if you attend to the information from cards 1 through 5.