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Love and Relationship Tarot Spreads

Couple Connection Spread:

1.) The center of the relationship
2.) The common link in the relationship
3.) You- hopes for the relationship
4.) You- emotions of the heart
5.) You- what you can do for your partner
6.) You- the part of you that hurts the relationship
7.) Partner- hopes for the relationship
8.) Partner- emotions of the heart
9.) Partner- what they can do for their partner
10.) Partner- the part of them that hurts the relationship
11.) Strengths of the relationship
12.) Weaknesses of the relationship

5 Card Relationship Cross
relationship cross spread by R. T. Allwin
Card 1: Querent’s position in the relationship.
Card 2: Other party’s position in the relationship.
Card 3: Basis for the relationship; the Past
Card 4: What lies between the parties right now .
Card 5: The future of the relationship.