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Most people wonder if soul mates are real. "What is a soul mate and how will I know my soul mate?" these questions might keep going through your mind when you begin to explore the world of true love. A soul mate is considered as someone that you have loved in your past life. Finding your soul mate is thought to complete the missing part of your life.  


  1. Is he/she a soulmate?
  2. Will he/she be a friend?
  3. Will he/she be a lover?
  4. Why he/she has been brought into the querent's life.
  5. Why the querent has been brought into his/her life.
  6. What can the querent do to help (or be ready for) this person (to) become part of their life?
  7. What does this person need to do before they are ready to become part of the querent's life?
  8. The potential of the relationship.

Notes: If the answer to question one is an unequivocal "no", the spread can still be used to examine the potential of the relationship. It should be explained to the querent that contrary to what you see on TV that soulmates are not always lovers and lovers are not always soulmates.