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Divination of the Ancients Oracle Cards Sample Readings


The first two cards tell me that many of your answers will to you via your dreams and through divination. Do you keep a dream journal? do you perform your own divination? There may be information in both of these methods that will tell you about the job you are looking for, or how well the interview went, or whether you should accept the promotion or not.
I believe a promotion is going to take a while to get. Longer than you think it will. The managers & supervisors are taking their sweet time about it and casting a wide net of people to interview. Their decision, as well, seems kind of chancey and may in the end seem random or make no obvious sense. But you will be offered an opportunity of some kind soon --- that's the "Lots" part but "Aura" says to ask yourself "Is this for my highest good?"
I believe that you are an old soul with much wisdom gathered through the ages....
Aura recommends that you sit back and observe. You've been overlooked for positions/promotions before. The card says that you should pay strong attention to people's body language at work --- you will gather clues as to whether they like you for a job or not, or you may find out who's jockeying strongest for a promotion and trying to get in good with the decision makers.