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  Three Card Tarot Spreads

Advice Spread

1. Path --- what's currently causing concern, the challenge
2. Cliff--- current danger
3. Fence --- what will save you


Quick Spread: You - The Other - Advice.


Daily Spread

1) beginning
2) peak or theme of the day
3) ending of the day


3 card spreads.

You can answer any question with 3 cards.

1. Body, Mind, Spirit
2. Situation / problem, What you can do about it, Oucome
3. Situation, Challenge, The way forward / advice

1)Body: How your doing physically
2) Mind: How your doing mentally
3) Spirit: How your doing spiritually

Daily spread:
1)The dominate energy for the day
2) How you'll feel about it/others who might be involved
3) How it affects you

Fast Solution
1)The nature of the problem
2) The cause of the problem
3) The solution to your problem

What you get spread
1)What you have
2)What you need to know
3)What you get

What's happening spread
1)The event
2) What you need to know about this event
3) It's ultimate affect on you

Quickie 3
1)The issue, the root of the question
2) Present circumstances
3) Future

PNS (this spread is from the forum, and I find it very useful)
1)Positive Aspects
2)Negative Aspects

List of 3 Card Tarot Spreads
1. PPF (Past/Present/Future)

2. Question/Querent/Probable Solution

3. Body/Mind/Spirit

4. Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow

5. Last Week/This Week/Next Week

6. Last Month/This Month/Next Month

7. Red Light/Green Light/Yellow Light
  • Red Light - Don't do this
  • Green Light - Go ahead and do this
  • Yellow Light - Caution/be careful/be aware of this
8. Subconcious/Concious/Superconcious

9. CPU/Monitor/Keyboard
  • CPU - Querent's thoughts on the issue
  • Monitor - How the querent views the issue
  • Keyboard - What the Q can "input" so the issue will work in their favor
10. Sun/Moon/Stars
  • Sun - What you see clearly
  • Moon - What you're having a hard time seeing.
  • Stars - What you wish will happen.
11. I/Love/You
  • I - How the Q feels about a person or relationship
  • Love - What the Q loves most about the person or relationship
  • You - How the Q's partner feel about the Q or their relationship with the Q.
12. Maiden/Mother/Crone
  • Maiden - Where or in what the Q or their issue is just starting to develop
  • Mother - What is in "full bloom" or has a very robust energy.
  • Crone - What is coming to pass or lessening in energy
13. Yes/No/Maybe (Not sure if this one needs an interp)

14. Gas/Liquid/Solid (Checking the status of what you're trying to manifest)
  • Gas - What's still in the form of pure energy or thought in your life/What's "hanging out" in the ethers.
  • Liquid - What's starting to flow and slowly come into your life.
  • Solid - What's completely manifested and visible to you.
15. Querent/Partner/Outcome (For Love readings)

16. Illusion/Knowledge/Magic

17. Child/Parent/Adult
  • Child - Where in the Q's life they're like a child.
  • Parent - Where in the Q's life they're like a parent.
  • Adult - Where in the Q's life they're like an adult.
18. Idea/Challenge/Advantage

19. Challenge/Opportunity/Action

20. Issue/Action/Outcome

21. Inner Self/Outer Self/Advice

22. Waxing/Full Moon/Waning

23. The three wiseman? (I don't remember the story)

24. Situation/Advice/Outcome (Major Tom)

25. Where I am/Where I need to be/How do I get there (Magecot)

26. Sun/Moon/Rising (ascendant) (More on these interps further down in this thread) (purple_scorp)
  • Sun - Your individuality
  • Moon - Your inner self
  • Rising - You outer personality

Daily Morning Reading

1-Where I am
2-Where I need to be
3-How do I get there