How to Use Runes as a Tool for Divination   by Rachel Saxon

(submitted 2011-08-20)

There are different method and tools of divination that has been around from the earliest times. Men have divined the issues and anything to which divination can be applied by using cowry shells, diviner's stones, and pendulum, among other things. Runes are also used for divinations, in fact they are very common and they feature 26 stones, each of the stones has a printed symbol and each of the symbols have an intrinsic meaning and interpretation which are used in foretelling what the future holds. These stones of divinations are used much in the same way as the African cowry shells are used for divination by African astrologers. Each of the stones has a meaning in its own right and the meaning can be interpreted to foretell the future, however, when some of the stones co-occur together or when they appear in a particular pattern, the co-occurrence of some stone together gives a different meaning altogether, and the pattern in which the stones occur can also be interpreted to give a divination.

Using Runes to foretell the future is not something that is totally shrouded in mystery, if you are curious about how these tools of divination are used, and you also want to become a diviner, there are no special qualifications that you must possess in order to be able to use them, likewise the divination proper does not involve a lot of complex ritual before it can be completed. 

To be able to use the stones for divinations, you need to have them; now having your own Runes is a fairly easy task. You can buy them in your local arts and craft store and start you are your may to divination. However, if you want the stones to be really personal and potent, there is nothing that beats you creating the stones by yourself. You might be thinking that will be a hard process, but the reverse is actually the case and making the stones by yourself, adds a personal touch to the stones and allows your spirit guides to fill the stones.

The best Runes are often made from flat stone that you can easily get on the beach, however if you are unable to get such stones, any other group of flat stones will do as long as you get them from as close to nature as possible. If you do not have access to such stones, pieces of wood will also do the most important things is that they should be able to hold the signs that will be made on them. You will find enough resources on how to make your stones into a tool of divination on the internet and you can start using them to help others in no time.

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