Runes and Divination - Going Further   by Sims Scruggs

(submitted 2014-03-18)

Ever heard of the runes? The word 'rune' comes in various forms in Germanic and Celtic languages referring to a mystery or holy secret that's whispered.

Its origins can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans who made possible the spread of runes throughout the Alpine regions to Northern Europe taking advantage of the trade routes. It was the Germanic tribes who adapted the runes to suit their needs and uses, giving rise to what is now known as the common Germanic runes.

In the traditional practice, runes were carved into bones, wood or stone, the reason why they have angular shapes. Without the curves, runes can be easily shaped into form in hard wood and stone as well.

To this day, no one can exactly tell if the runes were first developed as a writing system or to be used for divination, or casting lots. But as evidenced by mythology and sagas, the runes were used for casting.

Las runas (the Runes) are commonly used by modern psychics in divination for questions about business, career, relationships and other aspects. When you say divination, it refers to a skill developed by humans in gathering divine energy and use such energy in making portents or omens, signs and divine locations.

The 24 common runes are divided into three groups of eight, each linked to eight directions in the horizon, to seasonal festivals and to the different cycles of stars and time. There are some rune specialists in contemporary times who use the 25th rune called 'Wyrd' which is totally blank. This symbolizes fate, karma and the inevitable although this has no traditional or historical basis whatsoever.

It is just in recent times that a renewed interest in reviving the use of runes for casting and divination has surfaced. Today, anyone can buy a set of runes as easily as you can buy a deck of tarot cards.

But if you really want the specialized ones, you can make them yourself. The Internet today offers interesting information as regards with meanings and images. But what do you do with them when you're done? Seek out the books that can help you get started or ask the Web.

The advantage of buying runes is you get a lot of sets together with a small starter book that provides an introduction to its history, the myths and meanings of the runes. On the contrary, if you would like to make your own, some websites can help you with their guidelines.

Here are interesting info to take into consideration when doing the readings and castings:

Relax. Except for your rune set, nothing else is required before doing any reading and casting but your total comfort and relaxation.

Time of day. There are no hard rules as to what time of day to best cast the runes. Experiment a few casting at different times during the day or night to see which time works for you best.

Weather. It has been observed that better results are achieved when casting runes in the perfect weather and with your good mood. So, the best time to cast is during a fine sunny weather when the sun is shining brightly. It is said that your mood can affect the outcome of the cast.

Environment. Remember not to cast runes when you're situated near power lines as the energy coming from the lines could come into conflict with your own power.

Aside from the runes, there are still other divination tools you can use if you want to get some insights into your future. Among them is the horoscopo diario (daily horoscope) which can be readily accessed from the Web. There are numerous websites today offering free services. Just remember that you lose nothing if you consider these tools for fun and entertainment.