Freyr s Aett (first eight runes)

1. Wunjo
Joy. Joy and happiness coming into your life.
Success. Good news. Joy in one’s work.
Affection from a loved one.
Reversed (the symbol is seen upside down):
Opposite of the above.

2. Gebo
Partnership. There could be a gift involved.
Always a positive sign because there is no
reverse involved. Important development in
a romantic relationship. Could mean marriage
or business partnership.
Reversed: There is no reverse. Same as above

3. Kano
Open. Friendly, open, and warm. Strength,
energy, and power. Positive action. Problems
and troubles solved easily. Good things
coming into your life. Good time to start
something new.
Reversed: Opposite of the above.
4. Raido
Journey. Travel with pleasure, without prob-
lems. Possible journey of the soul. Period of
logical thought. A good time to buy or sell.
Reversed: Opposite of the above.
5. Ansuz
Signals. The spoken word or heeding advice.
A time to think before speaking. Eloquence
and ease. Discovery of secret ability.
Reversed: Lies, trickery, general deceit. Get a
second opinion.

6. Thurisaz
Gateway. Unexpected good luck. Good health.
Protection. Warns against headstrong action.
Reversed: No desire to heed the warnings
about headstrong action, will press on regard-
less. Your luck is running out. Self-deception.

7. Uruz
Strength. Virility, good health and strong
resistance. Of strong emotions. Could be
recovering from ill health. Not much
improvement in business matters. Could be
a promotion.
Reversed: Imminent failure. Weak will. Low
vitality. Could be a small illness.

8. Fehu
Possessions. Signifies material gain, could
mean wealth. Goals are now within your grasp.
Ability to overcome opposition.
Reversed: Loss or disappointment. Frustration.
Hagal s Aett (second eight runes)

9. Sowelu
Wholeness. Progress and success. Possible
travel. Success with examinations. Good
health. Recovery from illness. Conquest, vic-
tory and power.
Reversed: Warning against overworking. Be
more considerate of your loved ones.

10. Algiz
Protection. Unexpected help from an unsym-
pathetic person when it is most needed. A
time to stand your ground. Be careful to hold
tight to your principles. Invincibility.
Reversed: Vulnerability. Possible loss or injustice.

11. Perth
Initiation. Secrets. Psychic powers. An unfore-
seen turn of events. Possible news from afar.
A joyful reunion with someone from the past.
Reversed: Disappointment.

12. Eithwaz

Defense. Try to look ahead, anticipate what is
coming. A time of difficulty that will require
tact and diplomacy. After a slight delay, things
will improve.
Reversed: Warning, be ever watchful.

13. Jera
Harvest. You will reap the benefits of your
efforts. A time to receive what has been well
earned. A good time to finalize a contract or
complete a task. Financial matters will improve
in the days to come.
Reversed: Slight delay in financial improve-
ment, could be a slight disappointment.

14. Isa
Standstill. The ice rune. Indicates that you
should remain still. You may be on thin ice so
it is best not to move. Time of patience and
understanding. Temporary parting. Sacrifice.
Reversed: The ice is beginning to thaw, things
will improve.
15. Naurthiz
Constraint. A bad time to embark on any new
venture. Avoid anything that seems to be a
bargain or a quick way of making money with-
out effort. Now is the time for patience
and planning.
Reversed: A time for caution. Think before
acting. Make no moves at this time. If you
have made an unwise choice, cut your losses
and call it a day.

16. Hagalaz
Disruption. Unforeseen forces are working
against you, be careful. Be prepared for an
unpleasant surprise. Use caution.
Reverse: You will be able to ride this one out.
Keep fighting and don’t lose focus.

Tyr s Aett (third eight runes)
17. Othila
Separation. Separation in the sense of
moving in a new direction at this time. There
could be an inheritance or business deal on
the horizon. The future is changing.
Reversed: There could be financial disputes
or opposition to a plan.

18. Dagaz
Breakthrough. A time of transformation. Free-
dom. A weight has been lifted from your shoul-
ders. Winning, even when the odds are stacked
against you. Positive changes are coming.
Reversed: At last you can see the light at the
end of the tunnel. Changes may be slow, but
they’re still coming.

19. Inguz
Fertility. A goal realized. A problem solved.
Time to relish in the victory of a job well done.
Take a rest and reflect.
Reversed: There is no reverse. Same as above.

20. Laguz
Flow. A long journey may be in the offing. A
trip overseas. Time to go with the flow, your
instincts. Feel rather than think.
Reversed: Heed good advice from others. Look
out for temptation. Not a good sign.

21. Mannaz
Self. Time to think about yourself. Plan
changes. A good time to change employment
or residence. You are making steady progress.
Reversed: Keep your emotions in control at
this time; changes may be postponed.
22. Ehwaz
Movement. New beginnings. A time of excite-
ment. Change is in the air. Travel. A
good time to keep things in perspective. You
feel confident.
Reversed: Be mindful of others and keep emo-
tions in check.
23. Berkana
Growth. New energies are present. New
ventures are on the horizon. Could mean
birth or pregnancy for a woman. New and
fresh ideas. Possible sign of marriage. A fa-
vorable time.
Reversed: Keep a keen eye out for family prob-
lems, disruptions with friends, or anxiety.
24. Teiwaz
Warrior. A time to move forward and experi-
ence an adventure. New things on the hori-
zon. A time to be bold and courageous.
Victory can be yours. A time of great passion.
Reversed: There could be a loss in business.
Stagnation. A time of raw emotions. Take care
and be careful.

25. The last rune,
the blank rune.
Wyrd: The unknowable. Fate. This rune tells
you to place your fate with the Gods. There is
nothing you can do at this time. Fate is power.
You must let be what will be. Your problem or
situation is way beyond your control at this
time. “In the lap of the gods” signifies pow-
erful changes, changes that are out of your
control. There is no reverse for this rune. Use
the other runes in your reading for advice.