Odin's Reading
Another Norse deity offers a simple 5 rune layout, this time in the form of and extended version of the Past, Present, and Future spread.
Reading from right to left, we begin with the distant past, or the early causes of present circumstances.
The next card shows the recent past, or triggering causes.
The focus of Rune #3 is the Now, and the final 2 runes show where things are headed in both the immediate and the distant future.

Asking the Norns
Used to answer single issue "Yes" or "No" questions.
1 ----------- 2------------ 3
Swirl the runes while all are face down on the casting cloth and choose three. Lay them face down and turn them upright by moving from left to right (not top to bottom).
If all three runes are upright (i.e. positive), the answer is an unqualified "Yes."
If all but one rune are positive, the answer is "Yes," but there will be some aspect of the situation which does not live up to your expectations.
If all are reversed (i.e. negative), the answer is "No."
If two negative runes appear with a non-reversible rune, it should be taken as expressing a definite "No" (as though three negatives were involved).
If all but one rune are negative, the answer is "No," but you may not fare as badly from the situation as you expected.
When the blank rune appears, it implies the question isn't ready to be judged, too many variables prohibit a reliable reply, or you may be better off not knowing this particular answer. Wait a while before repeating the question. If the blank rune is drawn in three consecutive casts, resign yourself to handling the situation without foresight. Do not ask again.

More Rune Casting Layouts and Spreads

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Seven Realm Rune Spread

1.Hidden, instinctual or ancestral influences (realm of Hel, the underworld)

2. Creativity, memory and emotions (Svartalfheim, realm of the dwarves)

3. How you respond to crisis, change and chance (Jotunheim, the realm of etins/giants)

4. Manifested reality (Midgard, the realm of humans)

5. Planning, cognition and intellect (Ljossalfheim, realm of the elves)

6. Vitality, harmony and balance (Vanaheim, realm of the gods of the land)

7. Higher consciousness (Asgard, realm of the gods of the ‘heavens’)


Nine Worlds Rune Reading #1

 You can try a nine worlds reading by adding the following runes to the top and bottom of the seven realms spread:

  • Muspelheim to represent dymanic energies available to you (an ill aspected rune would signify forces that may be out of control)
  • Nifelheim to represent sources of strengh (ill aspected this would represent static energies and obstructions)

Thor’s Hammer Spread 

1. What mask do you show the world?
2. What fears are within you?
3. What are you seeking?
4. How should you best approach this?
5. What do you hope to become?
6. What is stopping you?
7. What is your destiny?
8. What do you need to learn to find your true self?
9. What is your true self?

Thor's Cross
Thor's simple 5 rune cross layout shows the present situation going into the future.
The first rune is the significator, meaning the overall theme and mood of the question posed.
The significator is compounded by the next 2 runes, showing the current problem and a clue to what will offer a helping hand to overcome this problem.
The 4th and 5th runesshow the near future, leading into what will be the longer term outcome.


Nine Worlds Rune Reading #2

Horizontal Plane

1. Midgard (Middle Earth)–Center. Deal face down to turn up and read last!

2. Niflheim (Mist (Ice) Home)–North. What is not happening around you. What is stopped or stagnant.

3. Muspellshiem (Fire Home)–South. What is happening around you. What is moving or changing.

4. Jotunheim (Giants Home)–East. People or things going against you. Troubles or challenges.

5. Vanaheim (Old Gods Home)–West. People or things going for you. Assistance or assets.

Vertical Plane

6. Svartalfheim (Dark Elves (Dwarves) Home)–Inside. Your body and health, instincts, needs, desires, and emotions.

7. Ljossalfheim (Light Elves Home)–Outside. Your appearance, thoughts and ideas, plans, and reason.

8. Hel (Underworld)–Below. A message to you from the ancestors and earth spirit about the unconscious, hidden, or unknown. The influence of the past.

9. Asgard (Gods Land)–Above. A message to you from sky spirit about inspiration, creativity, morality, aspiration, and ambition. What is known, accepted, or honored.

1. Midgard (Middle Earth)–Center. You relating to your issue, the synthesis of all the other cards, and the outcome of your issue.