One rune method
This is by far the easiest method for reading the runes, especially if you have a specific question that needs immedi- ate attention. Cup the runes in your hand, concentrate on your question, and ask it aloud. Place the runes back in their pouch and mix them thoroughly. Dip into the pouch and pull one rune only. This will be the answer to your question. The nice thing about the runes, and this particular method, is that you can use them anywhere. So if you are at work and having a problem with someone or something, use your break time to consult the runes. They will provide you with a quick solution to set things right again.

Three rune method

This method is very much like the first. Cup the runes in your hand, concentrate on your question, and ask it aloud. Place the runes back in the pouch and mix them thoroughly. Pull three runes from the pouch and place them in front of you (see diagram). The first rune, to the left, indicates the
basis of the problem, or present situation. The middle rune shows the vibrations currently surrounding you. The last rune, the one you placed to the right, gives you the answer or suggests the proper action to be taken.

The runic cross method

Cup the runes in your hand, concentrate on your question, and speak it aloud. Put the runes back in the pouch and mix them thoroughly. Pull five runes from the pouch, one at a time. Lay the first three out in a row from left to right. The fourth goes above the center stone and the fifth is placed below the center stone. All five stones should be face down.

Turn the center stone up. This represents the present situation and what is going on now. The stone to the left is the past. Turn this stone over next; it will tell you which past vibrations are still affecting the present situation.

The top stone is next. This stone explains what outside help or self-help is necessary to improve the situation as it stands. The bottom stone is now turned over. This stone will tell you what changes can or cannot be expected.

The last stone to be turned over is the one on the right arm of the cross. This stone represents the future, the final outcome of the reading. For more clarification, pull a sixth rune. This rune is placed at the bottom of the cross, under the fifth stone. This sixth rune will denote new, fresh influences that could affect the situation and its final outcome.

The Compass Points Rune Casting
  1. Nordri (North): The past – Influences that have had an effect on the past in relation to the topic of the cast.
  2. Vestri (West): The present – things presently happening that have an effect on the present in relation to the topic of the cast.
  3. Austri (East): The future – possible obstacles to watch for that may hinder the outcome or goal you have set.
  4. Sudri (South): The possible outcome of the rune cast.

The card positions are named after the Norse 4 Dwarves of the Directions....

Rune Casting Layouts and Spreads (these are all offsite)


The Four Dwarfs

Ideal for discovering how you really feel about a relationship, job, spiritual path or any emotionally charged issue, the Four Dwarfs spread describes the four primary underlying desires in relation to your question.
Based on the tale of the magical Brisingamen necklace, this four-rune spread represents the four dwarfs, who in Norse mythology become the four directions: north, east, west and south. One day when Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, happened to find the stone threshold of the subterranean world open, she went in and found the four swarfs, Alfrig, Dvalin, Berlingr, and Grer, forging the magnificent golden necklace called the Brisingamen. the necklace was more wonderful then anything Freyja had ever seen, and she asked to buy it. The dwarfs told her they would part with the necklace only if she would lie with each of them for a night. When the four-night exchange was complete, Freyja was the owner of the magical Brisingamen.
The story of the Brisingamen represents Freyja's shamanic journey, on which she joins with the elements and, by doing so, perpetuates the stars, as they progress through the night sky, and also the undying fertility of the Earth.

Rune 1: The topmost rune denotes your past desires in regard to the question. The past desires of your ancestors may also be reflected in this rune.
Rune 2: The rune to the right reveals your present desires and exactly how you feel about the question right now.
Rune 3: The rune to the left describes the desires and feelings of others, and how these desires affect your question.
Rune 4: The bottom rune symbolizes your heart's deepest desire, that which you keep hidden from the world. This heart's desire will grow and blossom within the next four months if the fourth rune is positive.

The Five Rune Spread

This spread represents the four basic directions surrounding a center rune.  Place the runes as if they were the four points on a compass.  Remember to focus on the question the whole time.

Rune #1 - It represents the basic influences that surround the question.

Rune #2 - It indicates any problems and obstacles that may affect the outcome of the question.

Rune #3 - It denotes the positive influences at work, in regards to the question.

Rune #4 - It reflects the immediate outcome.

Rune #5 - It suggests the key future influences.

The Five Elements

This five-rune layout delves into the elemental influences of earth, air, fire, water and spirit, which affect the question at hand.  On a deeper level, it gives more subtle insights into the question.

As shown in the diagram, place the first rune above the center, the second to the right of the center, the third rune below, the fourth to the left and the fifth in the center.

Rune 1 - The rune at the top represents earth, your physical body, surroundings, and environment.

Rune 2 - The rune to the right denotes the air element, symbolizing intellectual influences related to the question.  This rune reflects your present state of mind.

Rune 3 - The bottom rune indicates the creative forces at work.

Rune 4 - The rune to the left reveals your emotion in regard to the question.

Rune 5 - The center rune represents the spiritual influences and your connection to deity.