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Fortune Telling by Playing Cards: The Meaning of Spades

Once the cards have been shuffled and a spread chosen, the meaning of the cards must be considered.

How to Read Ordinary Playing Cards

Spades are the most serious cards in the deck, representing areas in which the querent must be cautious and careful. When there are more spade cards than any other, it could be there is some contention in their life or someone is trying to evade responsibilities.

Spades are sometimes associated with the winter, when considering the timing of the cards. They are linked with the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and when representing a person in the querent's life, this person is likely to be intelligent and logical.

Meaning of the Individual Spade Cards

These are the basic interpretations of spade cards when they appear in a spread. Remember they should be weighed up with the other cards alongside them.

Ace of Spades: Some disappointment is possible. A relationship is likely to come to an end and this will cause emotional stress.

King of Spades: This spade card could represent a man in the querent's life who is dark haired and ambitious. He may be a work associate or a business rival. If he is next to the ace, nine or ten of spades, he may be a widower.

Queen of Spades: This spade card represents a dark-haired woman who could be either a friend with much common sense or a business rival. If she is next to the ace, nine or ten of spades, she may be a widow.

Jack of Spades: This card might represent a dark-haired youth who is in the querent's life. He is likely to be temperamental. Troubled times are likely.

Ten of Spades: This card is indication of some sadness and worry. Someone in the querent's life may be recuperating from an accident. If the querent had a wish on his or her mind when the cards were being dealt, it could be that what they long for won't yet be happening.

Nine of Spades: The querent could be feeling emotionally low. Irritability could lead to quarrels. Too much responsibility might have a negative affect on health.

Eight of Spades: The querent might be thinking about new options. He or she should be wary of new paths as they could lead to misfortune.

Seven of Spades: Someone will offer advice that could be misleading. A friend is not all he or she appears. The querent should be careful about who they trust.

Six of Spades: This card warns of possible mistakes. It will be important to think before taking action. The good news is: some areas of their life will start to show improvement.

Five of Spades: Some form of disappointment is likely and this could relate to a close relationship. This card speaks of loss. The querent should not listen to gossip and should make his or her own decisions.

Four of Spades: The querent must soon make some difficult business decisions. Someone else wants what they have. This is a very stressful period.

Three of Spades: An ending is likely. This could relate to a romantic or business relationship.. Sometimes this card indicates a third person is breaking into a relationship.

Two of Spades: Gossip is not to be trusted. A disagreement could be the result of listening to the wrong people. Deceit is in the air.

Although spades aren't negative cards, they do point to areas of responsibility or where watchfulness is recommended.

Article by Carol Anne Somerville