Playing Cards
red heart Hearts:
Aces- Happiness, the home, love, friendship, joy the start of a romance. A love letter.
King- A good-natured, a fair-haired man, affectionate and generous but impetuous. Good advice.
Queen- A kindly fair-haired woman. Trustworthy.
Jack- A close friend or a good-natured, fair-haired youth.
10- good fortune, happiness.
9- the "wish" card; desires come true
8- Visits and visitors. Invitations out or attending a party, but also partings.
7- An unfaithful or unreliable person. Broken promises.
6- unexpected good fortune; generosity. Someone helping you out.
5- Jealous people around you. Take your time to make any decisions.
4- A change, a journey or a move of house/business. A late marriage or postponements.
3- You need to be cautious. Don't say something you'll regret.
2- success, and prosperity, friendship. An engagement or partnership. Friendship.
Ace- A difficult love affair. Emotional conflict, obsession, death. Things coming to a head.
King- A very dark-haired man, Ambitious, usually successful and an authoritative man.
Queen- A very dark-haired woman, can be seductive or unscrupulous. A widow.
Jack- A very dark-haired young person, a well-meaning person but immature, an unreliable youth.
10- Worry, misfortune. Imprisonment. Unwelcome news.
9- Bad luck in all things. Depression and low energy. Destruction, deaths. Extreme anxiety. Can mean delays or quarrels.
8- Trouble and disappointment. Plans go awry. Friends let you down. Cancellations.
7- A warning against possible loss of friendship. An unexpected burden. A warning against losses and sorrow.
6- A small improvement in the person's life.
5- Anxiety, setbacks, interferences. Happy home but interference from other people. Reversals and opposition but eventual success.
4- Business troubles, worries. Jealousy, illness, broken promises.
3- Partings, possible due to faithlessness. Be wary in partnerships.
2- Scandal, gossip, danger of deceit, separation. Difficult changes.
diamond Diamonds:
Ace- A ring or present of jewelry. News about money. A letter.
King- A fair-haired man, stubborn and influential.
Queen- A flirt. A very fair-haired woman. flirtatious, sophisticated, witty, loves to party and to gossip.
Jack- A very fair-haired youth. Watch out for dishonesty or unreliability.
10- Journey, fortunate changes, usually bringing wealth.
9- Surprise with money. New business opportunities. Restlessness.
8- A marriage and travel late in life. Financial ups and downs. New relationship; unexpected money,
7- Surprise news or a gift. Problems and losses at work.
6- a reconciliation; a warning against a possible second marriage or problems in a second marriage.
5- Successful meetings, particularly in business. Happy family.
4- An inheritance. Improvements in finances. A change for the better.
3- Legal problems, domestic arguments. A legal letter.
2- A love affair attracting disapproval from others. A business partnership.

diamond Clubs:
Ace- Wealth, health, love and happiness. A letter concerning money.
King- A dark-haired man, honest, open, generous and affectionate
Queen- A dark-haired woman, helpful, honest, attractive self-confident.
Jack- A reliable friend. A dark-haired youth.
10- Money from an unexpected source, good luck or gift. Travel abroad.
9- A new romance or admirer. Achievements. Don't be stubborn.
8- Opposition, danger or recklessness. Trouble in relationships, business and personal. Jealousy and greed.
7- Prosperity and success. Be careful of trouble coming from a person of the opposite sex.
6- Business success. Getting financial help.
5- Help from a friend or spouse. New friends and a successful marriage.
4- Changes for the worse. Lies and betrayal.
3- Marriage to a wealthy partner. Money coming from the partner.
2- Disappointment and opposition. Gossip.

Joker: (optional) New developments, fresh starts, taking a risk.

Quick Guide to Card Meanings