Playing Cards
 The Meaning of Hearts in an Ordinary Card Deck

Once the cards have been shuffled and a spread chosen, the meaning of the cards must be considered.

How to Read Playing Cards - The Heart Cards

The Hearts often relate to the water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. When there are a lot of hearts in a spread, the querent is going through an emotional time and their intuition is strong. Love and friendship will also be a strong theme.

Telling the Future with Playing Cards

Ace of Hearts: Love problems evaporate now. Relationships are more harmonious. Friendliness surrounds you.

King of Hearts: If the person this reading is for a fair-haired male, the King of Hearts represents him. If the person this reading is for is female and the Ace of Hearts is near, this card suggests love is strong in her life. Good advice is offered.

Queen of Hearts: If the person this reading is for is a fair-haired female, the Queen of Hearts represents her. This card can also signify the influence of a gentle woman in the querent's life.

Jack of Hearts: The Jack of Hearts can represent a fair-haired young man who is in the querent's life. Pleasant memories are shared.

Ten of Hearts: Happiness is likely. The querent may experience luck and good fortune. This card overshadows any unlucky card next to it.

Nine of Hearts: The wish card. Consider cards next to it. Hearts and diamonds suggest a wish will be fulfilled. Clubs signify the partial fulfillment of a wish. If a spade comes before this card, there may be some disappointment.

Eight of Hearts: Expect an unexpected gift or visitor. Or there may be a party invitation winging its way in the querent's direction.

Seven of Hearts: A new friend or associate cannot be trusted. There is some deviousness in relationships. There may be a feeling of loss in love.

Six of Hearts: A pleasant period is entered. Social affairs are fun. If the querent is single, they might enjoy a time of partying and getting together with friends.

Five of Hearts: Someone is envious and jealous. This may be the querent or they may be on the receiving end of another person's envy.

Four of Hearts: Travel is a strong possibility. There will be enjoyment through a chance of scene. A holiday romance is possible or a romantic holiday with a lover.

Three of Hearts: It's difficult to make choices. Other people's opinions are conflicting.

Two of Hearts: A warm, strong partnership is highlighted by this card. An engagement or a wedding is possible. Partnerships are harmonious.

Article by Carol Ann Somerville