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Fortune Telling by Playing Cards: The Meaning of Diamonds

Once the cards have been shuffled and a spread chosen, the meaning of the cards must be considered. Below are the basic meanings attached to the Diamond cards.

The Meaning of the Individual Diamond Cards

A predominance of Diamonds in a spread highlights money and communications. They might point to a logical, practical person who is a good communicator

Ace of Diamonds: An important message is received. This can be good news or disappointing depending on whether this card is upright or reversed and dependent too, on other cards in the spread.

King of Diamonds: The King of Diamonds can represent an older man or father figure, a fair-haired man who is likely to be quite powerful.

Queen of Diamonds: The Queen of Diamonds might relate to a fair haired woman; a mother figure or a friend who loves to gossip.

Jack of Diamonds: The Knight Jack of Diamonds represents a fair haired youth. This card is associated with renewed hope and anticipation. If this card is reversed, deceit is in the air.

Ten of Diamonds: Happiness might be found in travel. Communications from a distant place will be lucky. Changes that occur now will be fortunate.

Nine of Diamonds: The Nine of Diamonds is linked with new career opportunities. A possible money surprise. Working as a team might bring what cannot be achieved alone.

Eight of Diamonds: Money situation could be changing, whether for the better or worse will depend on whether this card is upright or reversed and other cards in the spread. Marriage is a possibility now if the querent is single.

Seven of Diamonds: All pros and cons should be weighed up before serious decisions are made. News received will come as some surprise.

Six of Diamonds: To achieve goals, effort must be made. Gossip or interference from other people could cause problems in a close relationship.

Five of Diamonds: Friends and colleagues will be supportive. A letter, text message or email will be lucky in some way.

Four of Diamonds: Decisions will have something to do with home and family life and expenses related to this. There may be an improvement in money coming into the home. Someone might receive an inheritance.

Three of Diamonds: Correspondence may be linked to financial or legal matters. A wish will soon be granted.

Two of Diamonds: Joint matters may attract hostility from others. There is a need for caution in romance. If a business partnership is being discussed, be sure all agreements are written down in black and white.

Energy and enthusiasm can be high when many diamonds appear in a spread. Goals can be achieved with a positive attitude. Diamonds are the first suit in the deck and can also be

Article by Carol Anne Somerville