Playing Cards
The Meaning of Clubs in an Ordinary Card Deck

Once the cards have been shuffled and a spread chosen, the meaning of the cards must be considered.

The Meaning of the Individual Club Cards

A predominance of Clubs in a spread suggest ambition, striving towards goals and the querent's social and professional reputation.

How to Read Playing Cards

Ace of Clubs: Money is received for past hard work. Happiness in relationships. Health is good.

King of Clubs: The king of clubs represents a dark-haired man. He is good in business and honest in his dealing. He may be an older relative or a senior colleague.

Queen of Clubs: The queen of clubs can represent a dark-haired female friend or associate. This woman is outgoing and confident.

Jack of Clubs: The jack of clubs can represent a dark-haired young man. If he is a friend, he is someone who can be trusted

Ten of Clubs: A job offer is likely if querent is looking for work. Success in business. Querent may undertake a long distance journey or will be in contact with people from abroad.

Nine of Clubs: Querent will see the completion of past hard work. A special goal is reached.

If romance is begun, the partner will be well off.

Eight of Clubs: Responsibilities increase. New duties are taken on. There may be some opposition in business.

Seven of Clubs: Success is likely in business. A promotion is possible or a job move that is beneficial. There may be trouble with someone from the opposite sex.

Six of Clubs: Funding, loans or financial help will be received. A good time to make financial applications.

Five of Clubs: New friendships are made. A romantic time for close relationships. Social life is harmonious.

Four of Clubs: Changes that occur now may cause uncertainty. Can people be trusted? The querent may be misled by a new friend or associate.

Three of Clubs: New long-term commitments in close relationships are agreed on. Marriage is a possibility. Money will be received.

Two of Clubs: Some hurdles ahead in relationships and business. Gossip could cause problems. A warning not to listen to rumours.

Telling the Future with Playing Cards

The clubs in an ordinary playing card deck are associated with the Wands in the tarot. These cards represent the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. They are associated with action, business, work, health and energy.

In all methods of fortune telling, remember that the associations of each cards is subjective and each card can mean different things to different people. Nothing is "written in stone". Also when reading the cards, they should be weighed up with the other cards that have appeared in a spread.