Traditional Witchcraft


At its weakest the sight enables witches to instantly recognize other witches. This can expand to the ability to recognize all supernatural beings (ie: wolves) on sight. At its strongest the site enables witches to know when magic has been used in an area recently and maybe even what type of magic was used. This sight, this opening of the eyes, is necessary in a traditional witchcraft ritual.  Since a Craft Ritual's main purpose is to connect with otherworld spirits, deities, and the ancestors, this sight must be activated.  To activate your Witch's Sight at the beginning of any Traditional Witchcraft ritual, do the following:

Get into a comfortable position.


Take a long deep breath through you nose, hold it for a second while you purse your lips and place the tip of your tongue between you teeth, and gently press your teeth against your tongue.

When you exhale through you mouth, you have to chant. It have to be a sound that will give a good vibration to your third eye. The 'th' sound is effective for that. Hum thoh while you focus on activating your Witch's Sight.


When you hum the sound thoh, it should be long and slow as you exhale. Feel the vibration within your whole body and be willing to enter another reality where spirits, gods, and your ancestors reside. Your focus should at all time be on a strong, secure, and confident feeling. After you exhale, pause for a couple of seconds and inhale deeply again. Hum the sound for about 5 times, pausing between every exhalation.


After doing this, you may feel a tingling sensation on your forehead or on the top of your head. When you look around you, everything might seem slightly "off" --- you know this has worked then.