Traditional Witchcraft

Beyond the celebrations of thanks and of bounty however, is the opening of the Thorn Tree Door within the space of the circle.  Autumn Equinox is the beginning of the Fall Season leading us ever closer to Old Hallowmas.  At Autumn's good Sabbat we open the door within the Land in preparation for the Dark Half of the year.  The Coven will gather around the sacred fire and together we will make offerings unto the flames and, at the right time, the Magister will swing wide the door of the Old Thorn Tree.  The Coven joyfully participates in the ushering of our Highest Holy Day to come.  The Thorn Door opened; we work our witcher in Circle, co-joining with the tides of the year in order to carry out with us the change of the Autumnal embrace.

The celebration concludes with a large feast where everyone is served by the Magister and Priestess as a sign of thanks for a good years work together.

Hail the Apple and Hail the Grain
Witches give thanks and Celebrate
Hail the cutting iron Scythe
Through the Winter we shall Thrive!