Traditional Witchcraft


CHANT: (adapted from "Hephaestus Hammer of the Gods")

Take this weight from off this chest
Crush and kill all that's left
I bend my will unto this task
The hammer falls, the hammer falls
To forge a witch that's free from fear
Clothed in magick that's worn for years
I will be the one to outrun fate
And I will die upon my feet
Swing the hammer, swing the hammer.

This is a spiral dance led by a woman portraying the Goddess and a man portraying the god Hephaestus. The man personifies Hephaestus, who is lame, by dragging a foot. The dance starts counterclockwise as an inward spiral, which symbolizes the journey in to the Underworld. The dancers chant until the dance is done. At the center of the spiral, the dancers meet the Great Goddess, who regenerates them and sends them outward toward life; they chant and dance clockwise as a journey of rebirth.