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Hex Magic

Using Hex Signs in your magic:

Hex signs are primarily used around the home, farm, or business for protection. You chose the symbols you want to use based on the message you want to convey. You can buy a hand crafted sign or you can make one yourself. This would be a great time to get creative. Paint your own sign on a piece of wood and hang it out side your front door or in your living room or kitchen. You could also buy a stained glass kit from your local craft store and make something to hang in your front window. Remember the more energy you put into your magic the more power it has. 

Hex Sign Symbology:

Birds of Paradise: friendship, camaraderie, peace, purity and happiness

Oak Leaf: long life, strength and endurance

Eagle: Strength, courage, clarity or vision

Distelfink: Good luck and happiness. two distelfinks- double good luck and happiness. two distelfinks crossed over each other- true friendship, eternal love

Raindrop: water, crop abundance and fertility. Any combination of water drops may be used depending on the ‘need’ and the overall design

Scalloped border symbolizes smooth sailing

Heart: true love, lasting love, and love for others. Hearts can be drawn in any number of different ways… from simple to fancy depending on the nature of the design.

Crescent Moon: usually found in a pair representing the cycle of the moon. Also found in sets of four representing the four seasons.

Sun Wheel: warmth and fertility

Wheat: abundance and goodwill

Rosette: (considered to be the oldest symbol) good luck

Tulip: faith, hope, charity and trust in mankind