Traditional Witchcraft

Egg Divination

by Nancy Vedder-Schultz

A friend of mine taught me this oracular method, which she learned at a workshop about traditional Puerto Rican mystical and medicinal practices. Curanderas (healers) in this Caribbean tradition use eggs as a means of healing as well as divination, so you may receive a secondary benefit when you perform this type of oracle.

  1. Develop a query concerning your issue.
  2. Ground and center.
  3. While concentrating on your question, sweep your chosen egg over your body or along the contours of your aura. In either case, the egg will heal and cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual body, according to Puerto Rican understanding. Once you've freed yourself of the negative influences you've internalized, you are ready to begin your divination.
  4. Acknowledge the egg as your oracle.
  5. Crack it into a clear glass of water.
  6. Study the shape(s) of the egg white and yolk. This is similar to a RoHrschach diagram, but in three dimensions. Turn the glass to study the forms in it from all angles, even from below. Spend some time allowing the appearance of the cracked egg to wash over you.
  7. Interpret the images you see. Notice what these shapes remind you of and how they affect you. Note their relationships. Keep your senses open to further intuitions in the form of comments or sounds, visions or feelings. Anything that happens during your divination may be significant. Ultimately, your interpretation of the shapes and forms the egg white and yolk have assumed will give you some guidance about your question.