Traditional Witchcraft

What is Egg Cleansing and How is it Done? 

Have you ever experienced or practiced the shaman form of healing the sick which they dub egg cleansing ? Referred to in Spanish as La Limpia, egg cleansing is an unusual kind of shamanic remedy that employs a raw egg and smoke to swiftly purify a person's aura and to aid them with their healing process.

A well-known practice within central and south America, egg cleansings are usually done by the Curandera or healer in the area. Up to now, this centuries-old form has not been relatively heard outside Mesoamerica.

At a healing ceremony, a raw egg is run over the body of the patient going through the therapy. It is presumed that the egg absorbs unhelpful energy from different parts of the body. Sickness, stress, energy idleness and other illnesses are considered to be cured by the antiquated procedure.

Smoke is also being utilized to clean the auric area of the body. The smoke, in Mexico, is regularly obtained from burning copal, the dried juice of the Copal tree. This tree is believed to be holy by the Mayans and the other ethnic groups who perform egg cleansing.

When the healer deciphers the participant's egg, one of the most captivating parts of the ritual comes about after the session. When the exercise has been finished, the egg is descended into water and deciphered. Shamans can examine how the yolk and egg white are suspended in the water, making them help the participant understand things and address their confusions in life.

When the Egg Cleansing observance has been finished, the client in most cases gets a lighter spirit and an overall awareness of good health.

Egg cleansings are a fascinatingly mystical, light and amusing practice. They are vibrant and transformational. They join hands with nature to attain a place of connection and balance for all of us. Participants who take multiple healing sessions are absolutely elevated to a new place - their energy is eternally lifted because of this old method of healing. In this elevated disposition, Persons feel more efficient, more at-home with life, and healthier.

Egg cleansings are also very incomparable, a bit inexplicable, but highly favorable. It is a type of therapeutic procedure which is still almost not known outside of Mesoamerica. For numerous decades already, shamans or curanderos have helped their people obtain spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being through their centuries-old practices. They have a variety of healing methods, but one of the most efficacious solutions that they use is egg cleansing.

Limpías or Egg cleansings are an exceptional healing method which is executed by running a raw egg over the body of the individual being cleansed. Such a process may seem very simple but its effects are incredible. It is done to clear a person's energy field, removing energetic and physical wastes. Patients are positively opened and loosened, relaxed and taken to a more healthy state. After a cleansing session, patients amazingly report feeling more balanced, lighter, and happier.