Traditional Witchcraft

Egg Cleansing (Limpia) Another Example

You are going to use a regular raw unbroken egg. Dip the entire egg in some Holy water and let it come to room temperature. Some people like to sweep the aura with the egg, never coming in contact with the person’s body. Personally, I prefer that the egg makes contact with the body. I feel if the egg makes direct contact it’s more effective in removing negativity. The basic, yet effective prayer you will use is the Apostles Creed. You will work the egg from the top of the body, downward. If you have already “worked” the entire body before you have finished the prayer just start working the egg from the top, down again.

Begin by making the sign of the cross on the top of the person’s head with the egg (where the soft spot of a baby is).

Make downward sweeping motions with the egg over the patient. The only areas it is important to make the sign of the cross with the egg are the major points of the body....these are.....the top of the head, the back of the neck, the center chest, the center of the back, the two palms and both soles of the feet.

Next after you have swept the egg over the head work towards the neck and make a bunch of little crosses across the back of the neck, from one side to the other.

Now work the shoulders, chest and back, making the cross at the indicated locations. Next, the palms and on to the front and back of legs and finally the soles of the feet.

Once you have worked the entire body with the egg, continue the prayer until you are finished. You can then repeat the prayer and going over the body with the egg just to make sure the entire body has been worked.

When your finished, break the egg into the toilet and flush it away. You would only break the egg into a glass of water if you are going to read the sings from the egg but this could be a book in just flush it