Traditional Witchcraft

Egg Cleansing (Limpia)

This is borrowed from the Native American cultures, particularly those along the Southern border of the United States and those throughout Mexico. These practices were intermingled into Christian practices in Mexico due to the mixing of Native and Christian cultures.

As with most folk magic, the procedure is uncomplicated. Its been modified back for polytheism usage which it most likely came from originally.

First you tell the inquirer that all the negativity s/he carries can be removed by a simple procedure. The caster invokes the gods and/or goddesses that aid in the overcoming of spiritual enemies. Those gods' and goddess' names or symbols are written on to a fresh egg. If you prefer you can also use the colors representative of those gods' and goddesses'.

The inquirer is asked to remove as much of their clothing as they are comfortable removing. You can explain that clothing modifies energies that filter through it. Most often this is down to the undergarments. For some, you might want to provide a light silk like robe. It is important that the inquirer and you feel comfortable. An uncomfortable inquirer will be quick to generate their own negative energies if they are uncomfortable. This is also true to a lesser extent with the caster.

The egg is passed around the body with the caster envisioning the egg absorbing the negative energies contained in the body of the inquirer. Once, the energies have been absorbed, the egg is then broken into a clear glass bowl or a white bowl. The inquirer is then allowed to see the contents of the bowl. Warning, if done correctly the negativity in the egg can make this just plain nauseous looking stuff.

It is then re-explained that all negativity has been removed during this "limpia" ritual. It is important to repeat that message to most inquirers.

Many practitioners also give the person a light lashing with fresh herbs. There seems to be no particular herb needed, but sage seems practical and easily obtained.

The inquirer is now open to any spiritual force. It is necessary to reinforce the natural barriers all people normally have as you have weakened these in this process. You do this simply by projecting your energy to the inquirer. You can wave your hands over the body while sharing your energies with the natural aura field carried by the individual

Any cleansing is followed by a sprinkling of Holy Water.